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A firm favourite, uPVC has seen a rapid rise in popularity in the Indian building industry as the go-to material for doors. Many people have been opting for uPVC as the default option today as it not only looks good but also acts as a great thermal insulator while being incredibly easy to maintain as well. Moreover, the energy rating when using uPVC is extremely advantageous and with the growing focus on energy-efficient performance in homes and buildings, using uPVC bodes well.

Extremely popular, Aluminium is the ideal material for doors and isn’t just restricted to commercial usage. Thanks to its sleek design and contemporary look, more and more homeowners are choosing Aluminium to give their homes an overhaul. Moreover, they are designed to stand the tests of time and are also available in a wide array of colours and sizes.

Wooden doors make a timeless addition to any house with their perfect blend of utility and class. A simple yet elegant and refined design, Wooden doors marry traditional charm with warmth and beauty and are guaranteed to add a bit of rustic flavour and distinctive style to your den. However, wooden doors are by far the most expensive of the three and need timely maintenance as well.